Vol. 6: Language on the move

Vol. 6: Language on the move

Language on the Move Across Domains and Communities: Selected Papers from the 12th Triennial Forum for Research on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster, Glasgow 2018

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Joanna Kopaczyk and Robert McColl Millar

The Scots columns in The National
J.Derrick McClure

‘Risk-free’ corpus planning for Scottish Gaelic? Collaborative development of basic grammatical norms for twenty-first-century speakers
Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh and Mark McConville 

How many people use British Sign Language? Scotland's 2011 Census and the demographic politics of disability and linguistic identity
Graham H. Turner

The Ulster Scots Language Society and recent developments in the study of Ulster Scots
Michael Montgomery†

LAS3 revisited
Warren Maguire

‘Haud yer tongue and mind yer language’: A sociolinguistic study of Galloway Irish, a lasting dialect of a small area of south-west Scotland
Margie Ferguson 

The anglicisation of The Awntyrs off Arthure at the Terne Wathelyn: A critical analysis of the history of Awntyrs scholarship
Rachel Berlingeri

A Scots ‘Ennius’ amongst the Gaels: Gaelic geography, ethnography and language in the Grameid
Thomas Black

Celtic origins: Archeologically speaking
Johnnie William Gallacher

The life cycle of preaspiration in the Gaelic languages
Pavel Iosad

The migration of Old English to Scotland: Place-name evidence for early Northumbrian settlement in Berwickshire
Carole Hough

Assessing the intensity of language contact between Middle Dutch and Scots in late medieval Aberdeen
Anna Havinga