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Abdulaziz Alsaawi


Supervisors: Dr Maria Sanchez-Ortiz, Dr Elspeth Edelstein

Educational background (BA, MA, etc.):

BA\English Language and Translation degree from English Language and Translation Department at Qassim University-Saudi Arabia 2010. English Language Courses for one year from University of North of Texas-USA 2012. MA\ Translating Arabic-English from University of Salford-UK 2015. Currently doing a PhD in Translation Studies.

What are your research interests/what are you currently working on?

The Translation of Genitive Constructions is what I am working on at the moment. My interests would be Translation Studies, Translation Techniques, Translation Problems...etc.

What do you do outside of academia (hobbies, personal interests, etc.)?

Interactive discussion with friends from different scopes, reading, writing, doing volunteering works, going to the gym, discovering different cultures and towns…etc.

Why did you choose to study in Aberdeen?

The city has the 5th oldest university in the UK. It has an ancient Language School within the UK. What interests me is that I am the first one at the University of Aberdeen who is doing PhD in Translation Studies.

What is your favourite part of studying and living in Aberdeen?

Being surrounded by open minded supervisors who encourage me, try their best to help me and make me feel that I am home between my family is my favourite part of studying at University of Aberdeen. Being in a quiet and clean city that has everything a person needs is my favourite part of living in Aberdeen.

How do you think your experience in Aberdeen will prepare you for the future?

Living and studying in Aberdeen will prepare me for the future in different ways. For instance, it will prepare me in developing my critical thinking and enhancing my ability in communication. In addition, the experience in Aberdeen will give me the chance to learn and develop my personal development. Aberdeen has active citizens which will help me in how to be an active citizen.