1. The Scholarship is for a student undertaking a PhD in English Literature. The scholarship has been established through the generous legacy of a University of Aberdeen alumnus. It is named in memory of Professor Adolphus Jack, a former Professor of English at the University of Aberdeen, who inspired the alumnus. The scholarship fund “shall be used to provide an opportunity for talented scholars of English to undertake studies which will advance their knowledge of English Literature, or otherwise for the benefit of such scholars as may seem appropriate from time to time”.

2. The scholarship is for the sole purpose of undertaking a PhD in English (as defined in the University of Aberdeen) at the University of Aberdeen, and cannot be used for any other degree, or in any other subject, or for any other purpose. The award holder must satisfy each year the criteria for progression as defined by the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture, and remain a student in good standing.

3. Applicants must be able to demonstrate outstanding academic performance.

4. The scholarship is valued at £10,000 per annum and will be awarded to the successful recipient for the three years of their PhD. This will cover tuition fees in the first instance, with the remainder available as maintenance.




1. The scholarship recipient will be required to submit an annual report of two A4 pages to the University of Aberdeen Development Trust detailing the progress of their studies at the end of each academic year.

2. The candidate is also expected to attend the annual Scholar’s Reception, which provides the opportunity for the student to meet a representative of the donor and to report on progress.

3. The funds will be held by the Development Trust.

4. The Scholarship is administered by the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture.


Applicants should contact David Wheatley (d.wheatley@abdn.ac.uk) for more information.