The University of Aberdeen offers the following exciting opportunity for international doctoral study in Creative Writing. In partnership with Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, successful applicants will be awarded a fee waiver and a living stipend of c. £14,500 per annum (RCUK rates) for three years. Candidates must be willing and able to spend the second year of their supervised period in Australia at Curtin University (failure to fulfil this requirement will result in termination of the joint PhD). Limited travel costs for one return journey for that year to / from Australia will be provided.


Anyone considering this opportunity is strongly advised to contact Professor Alison Lumsden ( for further information in the first instance. The deadline for application is 17 November 2017 and applicants can apply to Aberdeen by visiting Candidates should indicate that they are applying for the Aberdeen-Curtin scholarship.


One scholarship is available commencing January 2018, and applications are invited for the research area outlined below:


Travel Writing

This project explores the literature of travel and travel writing through a literary and/or creative practice lens. Projects could include:

  • Writing a travel narrative (creative non-fiction)
  • Analysis of travel writing
  • Examination of tropes of travel in fiction, non-fiction or poetry
  • Comparison of Australian and Scottish literatures of travel
  • Historical travel writing
  • Newer forms of travel writing (e.g. blogging, multi-media or experimental writing about travel)
  • Contested issues in travel writing (e.g. the role of the tourist, new environmental perspectives, post-colonial perspectives)
  • Other aspects of creative writing and travel.