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Research Interests

Ecocriticism; ecopoetics; the Anthropocene; new materialisms; intermediality; contemporary literature and visual culture; modernisms; questions of space and place in literature, art, and film; essay films; nature writing; participatory art; walking.

Current Research

I am currently completing a PhD in English titled 'Towards an Intermedial Ecopoetics: Kathleen Jamie, Hamish Fulton, and Patrick Keiller'. This project explores the ways that intermedial strategies - primarily combinations of word and image - contribute to the articulation of ecological awareness in the work of poet and essayist Kathleen Jamie, walking artist Hamish Fulton, and essay filmmaker and writer Patrick Keiller. The first part of my thesis looks at the recent discourse surrounding intermediality and key attempts to define ecopoetics, before considering what it means to bring these terms together. I outline a broad conception of intermedial ecopoetics as a potentially expansive field of inquiry, but also set out the more restricted strategy for reading the intermedial ecopoetics of Jamie, Fulton, and Keiller that I pursue in the second part of the thesis. In the following chapters I consider the intermedial configurations found in the work of each of these artists, as well as the material encounters depicted, and manifest, across these configurations. Encounters with anatomical specimens and images, whale bones, boulders, an anthill, wildflowers, and military architectures are all given attention in order to shed light on how Jamie, Fulton, and Keiller communicate what Timothy Morton has referred to as ‘the ecological thought’.

My research is influenced by contemporary movements in and around ecocriticism, including new materialism and Anthropocene studies.   

Research Grants

AHRC Studentship for PhD in English at the University of Aberdeen, 2013-Present.

AHRC Studentship for MLitt in Modernities at the University of Glasgow, 2012-13.


Teaching Responsibilities

I have taught/teach on the following courses:

Acts of Reading (Tutor)

Cinema and Revolution (Lecturer)

Cinema and Modernity (Lecturer/Tutor)

Controversial Classics (Tutor)

Introduction to Film and the Cinematic Experience (Course Coordinator 2017-18)

Introduction to Visual Culture (Lecturer/Tutor)

Introduction to Visual Culture and Theory (Seminar Instructor)

Literature, History, and Thought: 1848-9/11 (Tutor)

States of Mind (Guest Lecturer)