Residence Requirement

All students taking an Honours course in German are required to spend a period of time in a German-speaking country. Candidates for Single Honours in German Studies (Mode A) or for Joint Honours (Mode A) in German and a subject other than French or Hispanic Studies must spend at least one academic session (9 months) in a German-speaking country. Such residence should normally be continuous.

Candidates for Joint Honours in German and either French or Spanish & Latin American Studies must spend at least half an academic session in a German-speaking country and half an academic session in a country where French or Spanish is spoken. Such residence should normally be continuous in each case.

Candidates for German with Film Studies (Mode A) must spend at least one academic session (9 months) in a German-speaking country. Such residence should normally be continuous.

For all Mode A degree programmes periods of residence abroad should normally be completed before entry to the Junior Honours year.


Working as an English-language assistant (ELA)

Administered on the British side by the British Council, the assistantship scheme provides for the exchange of foreign-language assistants between Britain and various countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Students should fill in the forms carefully and supply good quality photographs, particularly as one of the copies of their application, together with one of the photographs submitted, will be passed on to the German/Austrian/Swiss authorities.

Note: only native speakers of English are eligible for ELA assistantships.

Studying at a German, Austrian or Swiss University

The University of Aberdeen has Erasmus exchange agreements with a number of excellent universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For more information visit the University's Erasmus page.  

Work Placements

The German Department may be able to help you find an internship in Germany or Austria, but we cannot guarantee a placement. Please complete the form below and discuss your options with the Year Abroad co-ordinator.

  • Work Placement Form - Prior to the start of your independent work placement, you must complete the Independent Study Form in full, detailing the work placement you will be undertating at the host organisation. You should then have the completed form signed by your Go Abroad Tutor and host organisation before returning it to the School Office in person of via email (Taylor A13 or
  • Confirmation of Arrival - Once you have arrived at your host organisation, please complete the contact details and present the form to your supervisor for a signature. Once complete, return the form within 2 weeks of your arrival via email to both your Go Abroad Tutor and the School Office (
German Year Abroad Contacts

Year Abroad Tutors

Erasmus - Ms Claudia Sein (outgoing students), Dr Gundula Sharman (incoming students)

Go Abroad Team

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