'What legacy shall I bequeath to thee?' - Shakespeare in the Context of his Time

'What legacy shall I bequeath to thee?' - Shakespeare in the Context of his Time

This is a past event

Shakespeare Postgraduate and Early Career Symposium on 22 October 2016

Both universal and a product of his time, Shakespeare remains an enigmatic writer. The celebration of the 400th anniversary of his death demonstrates his continued impact on scholarly thought and popular culture. Investigating Shakespeare among his contemporaries in a period of transformations will help to understand his enduring popularity. The symposium ‘Shakespeare in the Context of his Time’ considers cultural transfer and translation of Shakespearean ideas within his time, but also the influence of the context of the sixteenth-century intellectual and cultural world on Shakespeare himself. This includes the intellectual exchange between Shakespeare and his contemporaries examined through all aspects of cultural, literary and theatrical influence. The symposium is organised and funded by the Centre for Early Modern Studies at the University of Aberdeen, with support from the Society for Renaissance Studies, Scotland.

Please contact Alison Passe and Julia Kotzur at shakespeareincontext@gmail.com for more information. 

Part of Shakespeare Week at the University of Aberdeen.

Hosted by
Centre for Early Modern Studies, University of Aberdeen, and Society for Renaissance Studies, Scotland
The Sir Duncan Rice Library