“Hej” is Swedish for “hello” and “hejdå” means “good bye”.

The course in Scandinavian Language teaches modern Swedish, which is the largest of the Scandinavian languages. In fact, Sweden is one of the largest countries in Europe (although sparsely populated) and also one of the most innovative, from dynamite to Minecraft. You find more information about Sweden here www.sweden.se

Students may be curious about Swedish industry, music, literature, film, sports, politics, lifestyle and Vikings, or they just want to learn a less common language, which gives them a unique profile. A Scandinavian language will also be helpful for studies relating to the North, such as Scandinavian Studies or Archaeology.

There are currently four UG courses in beginners Swedish. The teaching is largely interactive and you will start using the language from day 1. Language is the main focus, but you will also experience some of the culture.

“Välkommen” is Swedish for “welcome”.