The degree structure normally covers four years of learning in Aberdeen. You spend the first two years in Aberdeen, gaining a grounding in the Spanish language and in Spanish and Latin American history and culture. Part or all of the third year is then normally spent in a Spanish-speaking country either working or studying. On return to Aberdeen, there are a further two years of Honours study during which you are able to tailor your studies,  while  building upon knowledge and skills acquired during the first three years of the programme.

During your Honours years, you have the opportunity to refine your spoken and written Spanish and to specialise in your chosen areas of Hispanic culture. You may choose to end up with a single honours degree in Hispanic Studies (Spain or Latin America) or a joint honours degree in Hispanic Studies combined with another subject (such as Anthropology, History, French, Film Studies, English, Linguistics, Geography, International Relations, or Management Studies, among many others). The department works hard to maintain a supportive learning environment and friendly atmosphere for undergraduates.