Teaching and Learning

Lectures are a key part of the student experience. In each of our first year courses there are two lectures each week, in which the subject content is presented and explained. Where appropriate, Powerpoint presentations and audiovisual resources are used. Our first year lectures are recorded and are available to watch again on the MyAberdeen learning environment.

Studying in the libraryYou also take part in smaller tutorials each week, in which you have the opportunity to discuss the material introduced in lectures and to work on additional questions arising from the lectures.

Individual reading and personal study are, of course, an important part of your work. The new library has a wide range of relevant resources for Language and Linguistics, and you are likely to spend a good deal of your time there. 

You will also be asked to work in small groups in your tutorials, and several of our courses include group presentations as part of the assessment for the course.


Smartphone Mobile AssessmentYou will write essays, as you would expect. By the time you reach fourth year, you will be sufficiently skilled in academic writing to undertake an extended dissertation on a topic of your choice.

You will sit examinations in each year of your degree. As well as these traditional forms of assessment, throughout your degree programme you will be assessed in a range of ways that are appropriate for the different courses we offer. For example, work on phonetics includes some practical phonetic analysis; several courses, such as Discourse Analysis, include assessed presentations

Our first year students are currently completing some of their assessments online, and the University has recently launched smart phone and tablet access to online resources which means students can complete their assessments on the move!

What you will study

Details of the courses you will take and the areas of Linguistics you will cover at first year and in subsequent years are available on the Study Here pages.