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The Department of German offers undergraduate tuition leading to the degree of MA and MA Honours. Comprehensive course details are available in the university course catalogue

Alongside a great emphasis to practical language skills, the German programme teaches courses dealing with social, historical and cultural aspects of the German-speaking countries.

Levels One and Two

In their first year of study students are required to take a minimum of two subjects, before specialising in level 2 and the Honours years. This means that all students can either choose to enter the full German programme from the very beginning, or use the opportunity to take an intensive German language course at level one and two, thus improving future employability by having German language skills. German language is offered in two streams, at beginner’s level, and to students with a Scottish Higher or equivalent.

The course concentrates on the acquisition of the four basic language skills: fluency in speaking, comprehension, reading and writing.

Levels 2 courses consist of language classes leading to advanced communicative competence in German. The course will extend and reinforce students' command of German grammar, vocabulary and syntactic structures, and to introduce various styles of written and spoken German. Teaching is predominantly in German.

Modern German Culture

At levels 1 and 2 courses concentrate on the study of selected aspects of modern German culture, involving lectures introducing students to the social, political and cultural context in which the texts were written, together with close analysis of modern German texts. The aim of the course is to develop students' ability to analyse literary works, including film adaptations.

Residence Abroad

A period of study or work abroad is a compulsory element of the course. This usually happens during the year between levels two and three. The German Department has Erasmus exchanges with the universities of: Vienna, Graz, Kiel, Rostock, Greifswald, Köln, Bonn, Karlsruhe, Trier, and Eichstätt. For further details go to our Year Abroad Page.

Specialisation at Honours Level

At level three and four, all Honours courses are taught in small group seminars. The wide range of courses enables students to concentrate on the areas in which they are primarily interested. The programme includes modules on the modern German novel, 20th-century drama, Austrian literature, exile literature, literary reworkings, childhood studies, a focus on visual arts in the German speaking world, aspects of German history, and the theory and practice of translation.

The German Society

The student-run German Society is open to all students interested in German and the German-speaking countries. It regularly organises dram performances and other events with a German flavour, eg Kaffee & Kuchen, a German Stammtisch, film and video showings and lectures and readings by visiting German-speaking guest lecturers and writers. Joining the German Society also provides excellent opportunities to meet students from Germany, Austria and Switzerland who are studying at Aberdeen University.

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