• Imagine – if Nicola had not studied German, she would not have met her German husband. Now working for Hugo Boss near Stuttgart.
  • Imagine – if Victoria had not studied German (and Spanish), she would not have discovered her acting talents in the production of the German Drama Group. Now working in Barcelona, for a German company.
  • Imagine – if Gordon had not studied German, he would not be working for a medical translation company. Now living in Austria.
  • Imagine – If Roseanne had not studied German, she would still only be singing in English. Now working for the British Council in Edinburgh.
  • Imagine – if Freideriki had not studied German, she would not have had the opportunity to address 500 students interested in going abroad during Uni. Now working in the hotel business in Munich.

Germany – with its huge economy – is the country where things are happening in innovation, technology, trade, politics, and of course tourism; the language is spoken by millions of Europeans, any time and every place.

Imagine – if you don’t study German...? What would you be missing? 

Courses are available for Beginners, and students who studies German at school, or attended courses with an equivalent level (Sprachniveau B1).

For more information contact Dr G. Sharman, g.m.sharman@abdn.ac.uk