Gaelic is Scotland’s oldest living language.  It is currently enjoying a period of renewed interest and support.  Like with many other world minority languages, children are learning it at schools and there are various adult learning opportunities.  Why not take the unique chance when studying in Aberdeen to be part of the growing trend and learn some Gaelic.

The University of Aberdeen has been teaching Gaelic for 100 years and we pride ourselves in working with absolute beginners and helping them achieve a reasonably degree of fluency even within the two years.  We also welcome sustained studies students who have taken Gaelic at school.

If you do take this opportunity you will increase your future employability (there is high demand for Gaelic speaking graduates) and you will become part of Scotland’s Gaelic community, famous for its music, song, poetry, literature and unique take on the world.  If you enjoy Gaelic culture, there are plenty of opportunities locally to participate in social events, such as the Celtic Society, Gaelic choir, Gaelic Club, conversation and singing circles.