Film and Visual Culture at the University of Aberdeen is a vibrant department with diverse strands of research.



We are interested in hearing from students wishing to undertake postgraduate research on Film & Visual Culture at the doctoral level. Please contact one of the supervisors below if you are thinking about applying for a PhD in their subject area.

Dr. Amy Bryzgel works on performance art in Eastern Europe, and she has written the first comprehensive academic study of the development of the genre in the region, entitled Performance Art in Eastern Europe since 1960 (forthcoming, Manchester University Press).

Dr. Silvia Casini’s research focuses on visual cultures of contemporary science and medicine, and public engagement with science through the arts. Her articles appear in Configurations, Leonardo, Nuncius, Contemporary Aesthetics and Technoscienza.

Professor Alan Marcus’s research interests lay in representations of the city in film and visual culture; history and methodologies of documentary film and other forms of documentary imagery; practice-as-research in documentary film; and representations of the Holocaust and sites associated with Jewish identity and the diaspora. He is the author of 12 practice-as-research films since 2006, including In Place of Death (2008), The Ghetto (2009), The Cemetery (2010), One Market Day (2011), One Hot Day (2011), In the Birch Grove (2012), The Molo of Venice (2014), Near the Palace (2015) and The Forgotten Jew in the City of Youth (2016).

PGR Students

Our current (and previous) Postgraduate Research students and their projects from the Department of Film & Visual Culture include:

  • Daegyeom Heo, Intertextual Study as Visual Representation of Historical Memory
  • Eimear Kinsella, A semiotic approach to the contemporary display of bio-art to contribute to the practical and theoretical discourse of the art form within the gallery space
  • Maria Lanko, Participatory Art in Eastern Europe since the 1960s
  • Barbara B. Leon, Study of the city through photography: from Avant-Garde to Postmodernity
  • Alison Metoudi, Wild Places: Screenwriting Creative Practice
  • Camilla Salvaneschi, Magazines and Biennials: from the Ephemeral to the Episodic
  • Denisa Tomkova, Biopolitical Art as Art of Participation in Post-Communist Central-Eastern Europe
  • Jack Williams, John Grierson and Documentary Film (Written and Practical Project)