The English Department prides itself on the quality of its teaching and the high level of support offered to students. All of our staff are committed teachers who are specialists in the subjects they teach. Their teaching is informed by current research in the field, and students are encouraged to explore new approaches as well as established ones.

Undergraduate courses use a variety of teaching formats, from large scale lectures to small group tutorials and individual supervision. At Honours level, much of the teaching is done in seminars, with students being expected to lead discussion and deliver presentations, either individually or in groups. At Level 4 the maximum size of seminar groups is 15. In postgraduate courses, all teaching is seminar-based and research-led.

All of our courses include an element of oral assessment, which encourages students to acquire confidence in speaking in front of a group. This is an important skill which is highly valued by employers. As befits an English Department, writing skills are also taken seriously, and we require students to acquire advanced literacy as well as highly developed critical skills.

Whether you are studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, we try our best to make this a friendly, supportive and intellectually stimulating environment.