Open Day

Interested in studying English at the University of Aberdeen? Come along to the Open Day on Tuesday 26th August 2014.

MA in English

English is an intellectually rewarding subject that encourages you to develop your own interests and enthusiasms while acquiring advanced critical and communicative skills that will prepare you for a wide range of careers. An English degree at Aberdeen will give you the opportunity to study many different periods and styles of writing, from medieval poetry to contemporary fiction, and introduce you to some of the world's greatest literature. Through the reading and analysis of fiction, poetry and drama, you will test and expand your understanding of language and literary form, and improve your knowledge of other historical periods and cultures. You will also strengthen your interpretative skills and your ability to express ideas both orally and on paper.

The English Department at Aberdeen offers a large range of courses and degree programmes. The Department prides itself on the diversity of its curriculum, which allows you the option to study Scottish, Irish and American literature as well as English. You can study English for an Honours degree either by itself or in combination with another subject. Over twenty joint or major-minor degree programmes are available: these are listed in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

The majority of students take an MA Honours degree, which normally lasts four years (though direct entry to second year is possible for suitable qualified applicants). Part-time and ordinary ('Designated') degrees are also possible.

The Department has many visiting students from Europe, North America and other parts of the world, and welcomes students irrespective of age, creed or nationality. School pupils interested in studying in the English Department are invited to attend our Open Day or to contact SRAS to arrange a visit to meet a member of staff.