The Knight and the Lion

"Yvain Rides Away"

As Calogrenant finished his tale, Yvain cried out:

'Why didn't you tell me before? I am your own cousin, and we love each other well. I will go at once and take revenge for your shame.'

'Huh,' cried Kay. 'We can tell you've drunk plenty with the meal, Yvain. No-one's ever short of brave words after a jug of wine. After dinner, everyone's too full up to budge an inch, yet to hear them talk you'd think they were ready to fight a whole army.'

At that moment the King came out of his chamber and Queen Guinevere told him Calogrenant's story word for word just as the knight had told it. Then the King vowed that he too would see these marvels and that he and his knights would all go together to the Spring as soon as they could. Amid great excitement he went to tell the court of his plan. All the young knights were eager to go and began to make ready for the journey.

Only Yvain was miserable, for he wanted to go alone and he knew that if so many knights went he would never get the chance to fight the fierce Knight of the Spring. More important knights like Gawain or Kay would be sure to ask the King to be allowed to do it, and he would certainly agree to grant one of them this favour.

So without saying anything to the other knights, Yvain told his squire to saddle his horse and bring his armour. The squire promised to tell no-one where his master had gone, and Yvain rode secretly out of the gate of the castle.

What kind of armour did Yvain and his horse wear?