The Knight and the Lion

"Lunette finds a Champion"

'As for Yvain,' the girl went, 'no one has heard of him for a long time. I had forty days to find a champion - but I'll be burnt at the stake tomorrow at noon.'

'Stop!' cried Yvain. 'If you die, Yvain will too, for I am he. And are you not Lunette, who saved my life before? Well, now I will save yours.'

'Oh no you won't,' said Lunette, 'for I won't let you take part in such an unfair fight.'

'Oh yes I will. What's the matter? Don't you want my help? You seem quite keen on dying all of a sudden.'

'Well there's certainly no point two of us dying. I don't want you getting killed for me.'

'You don't think much of my chances, do you?' said Yvain. 'Well I shan't stay around here to be insulted!'

'Off you go then,' said Lunette.

'Hold on a minute - I'm going to save you and I won't hear another word about it. Now I'm going to find some shelter for the night. Tomorrow at noon I will return.'

Where does Yvain stay and what adventure does he have there?