The Knight and the Lion

"Calogrenant's Tale"

"Seven years ago I was riding all alone, fully armed as a knight ought to be, and looking for adventure, when I came upon a path leading through a thick forest. The path was full of brambles and thorns and very hard to follow, but all day long I drove my horse on till at last I came out of the Forest of Broceliande into an open field and saw in the distance a wooden tower. As I drew nearer I could see the walls and the moat of a castle and on its bridge the lord coming out to meet me with a falcon on his wrist.

He welcomed me and asked me to be his guest for the night, for he said that it had been many years since he had seen a knight looking for adventure. He led me into the courtyard where he beat three times with a hammer on a small copper gong. At once people came to take my horse and led it away. The lord's daughter gently took off my armour and gave me a short cloak of peacock-blue to wear. She took me to sit in a lovely meadow with a wall all around, and there we two spoke alone for a long time. She was so pretty and spoke so well that I would gladly have stayed there forever, but when night came the lord came to find me and bring me to supper.

Yet the meal, too, was delightful, for I was seated close to the lord's daughter and was given to eat every delicious thing I could desire. After supper the lord of the castle asked me if I would promise to return after my adventures, and spend the night with them again. I said I would be happy to do so.

That night I was very comfortable and was looked after well, and as soon as light appeared the next morning I found my horse was saddled and everything was ready for me. I thanked the kind lord and his daughter, asking the Holy Spirit to bless them, and went on my way.

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