The Knight and the Lion

"The Snake and the Lion"

Yvain left the castle and the lady far behind. Riding through the deep forest, a loud cry broke through his thoughts. Yvain rode in the direction of the sound and there in a clearing he saw a lion struggling with a giant snake.

The snake has the lion by the tail and is burning its back legs with a sheet of flame pouring from its mouth, which is as big and black as a cauldron. Yvain does not stop to stare at this strange sight, but quickly decides he will help the lion. For snakes are poisonous and not to be trusted, while the lion seems a gentle and noble beast.

So he holds his shield before his face to keep off the flames and steps forward with sword drawn. With one blow he slices the snake in two, and keeps on until it lies in tiny pieces. He has had to cut a bit off the lion's tail too, to free it, and now Yvain expects the lion will turn on him and he will have to fight it too.

The lion feels quite differently, however. He behaves like a noble and well-bred creature, standing on his hind legs and bowing down before Yvain, stretching out his front paws. The lion's face is wet with tears and Yvain sees that he is grateful and doing him homage and the knight is well pleased.

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