The Knight and the Lion

"Yvain Goes Mad"

The girl's words left Yvain with a sorrow that grew all the time, until everything he saw and everything he heard caused him pain. If only he had been banished to some wild and far-off place, all by himself, where no one would know him or know anything about him - just as if he had fallen down some cliff or dark hole in the earth. He hates himself above all others, for it is his own fault that all his happiness is lost. He keeps away from the other knights, for he feels he will go mad if he stays among them a moment longer. They leave him alone, for they can see he does not like their company.

He wanders further and further from the tents - until all at once such a storm breaks inside his head that he loses his wits completely. He rips off his clothes and runs and runs across the fields. His squire goes in search of him, in other lodgings, then in hedgerows and ditches, but he is nowhere to be found.

Running and running, Yvain passes a boy with a bow and five hunting arrows, which he snatches from his hands - afterwards he can remember none of this - and flees into the forest. There he lies in wait for wild animals, which he kills and eats raw.