The Knight and the Lion

"A Year of Tournaments"

So Yvain rides away with Gawain at his side. Or rather his body does, for his heart is joined to Laudine's and stays with her at home. Only the hollow shell of his body follows the King through the trees.

Still, Gawain is determined his friend shall not be allowed to mope, and the two of them travel to wherever tournaments are held. Together they take on all comers, and Yvain has such success that Gawain is proud to honour him and show him off.

A year went by so fast they barely noticed it, and some of the next one too, until King Arthur came to hold court at Chester. There had been a great tournament that day, where Yvain carried off all the prizes.

Yvain and Gawain had pitched their tents outside the town, with a group of knights who were their friends. King Arthur had come to see them, and was seated among them. All of a sudden, Yvain realised he had broken his promise, that he had stayed too long. The thought struck him with such great surprise and then such shame that hot tears came to his eyes.

And while he was deep in thought a girl came riding swiftly towards him on a black horse with white feet.