The Knight and the Lion

"Lunette's Offer"

Yvain stayed where he was until the funeral procession had gone and the portcullis came down once more. But he did not care whether the gates were shut or open. And in this state Lunette found him.

'Well, my lord Yvain', she said,' what sort of time have you had?'

Yvain replied: 'The sort that pleases me best of all', and went on staring out of the window where the lady had been.

When Lunette saw Yvain pale and hardly thinking straight, and heard his strange words, she guessed at once what was the matter with him.

'I am not so slow that I can't guess what you mean,' she said. 'I was planning a way to get you out of the castle tonight, but it seems there is something you want far more than that.'

Yvain nodded.

'Very well, wait here,' Lunette told him. 'Lady Laudine listens to my advice. I may be able to help you to win her love.'

Yvain could hardly believe what he was hearing. He tried to question her - but Lunette was already gone.

What can Lunette say to make Laudine fall in love with her husband's killer?