Beowulf for beginners

Beowulf caughtThe Dragon Fight Goes On

wiglaf has never been in battle before. He is young and his courage fails him. He stays in the woods shivering with fear.

The dragon attacks for a third time. Waves of flame come forward. Beowulf fights bravely beneath his shield. He remembers his many famous deeds and strikes with his full strength once more. His sword sticks fast in the scaly skin and snaps in two.

The terrible fire-breather sees its chance. It seizes Beowulf by the neck with its poisonous fangs. Beowulf's life-blood runs down like a river. The dragon sees its work is done. Tossing Beowulf to the ground, it turns and crawls into the barrow.

HomenextDragon in runes
These letters spell DRAGON.
They are written in an old kind of Anglo-Saxon writing called RUNES.