Beowulf for beginners

Grendel's Version.

You want to know why I hate Hrothgar and his Danes, drinking and laughing, never thinking of me? They would not ask me to their table. They would fear me after just one look and hate me for what I am. grendel

Is it my fault that Cain killed Abel all those years ago? Do you know that old story? Cain and Abel were brothers, the sons of Adam and Eve, the first people God made. But Cain killed Abel after a quarrel and because of that murder all fighting and killing came into the world. From Cain came the Giants who fought for many years against God, and all the mis-shaped monsters of the world.

I was born in a dark hole under the gound, one of the tribe of Cain, cut off forever from God's light. Why should I wait out here where it is cold and damp and never see the firelight and share its warmth? Why should no-one speak to me with kindness? God has sent me away. Whatever I do I cannot get back to Him because of who I was born. All my ways are evil, all my deeds turn to bad. Why should I try? I have never known the friendship of men. I hate their laughter. I cannot have the joy they have in the warm hall. I will destroy it. I will kill them all. Wouldn't you, if you were me?