What might you see at an Anglo-Saxon feast?

This is a wooden bottle decorated with silver, for holding beer, mead or wine:
Decorated bottle

The silver parts were found at Sutton Hoo, and from them we can work out what the bottle might have looked like.

drinking horns

The silver parts of these drinking horns come from Sutton Hoo as well. The horns themselves had rotted away. This is what they probably looked like when they were new.

At the feast in the story Wealtheow hands round a cup or a goblet to drink from.


This goblet was found in Cornwall.


This goblet comes from later Christian times (you can see it has Jesus on it). It shows how richly decorated goblets could be.

This bowl was found at Halton Moor in Lancashire:


This one was found at Sutton Hoo:


This is the decoration on another bowl from Sutton Hoo:

deceration on a bowl

These are two spoons also found in the ship-grave at Sutton Hoo:


The Anglo-Saxons used spoons, knives and of course fingers to eat with. Forks were not invented until hundreds of years later.

What did the Anglo-Saxons eat? They had bread baked in the oven and meat which they roasted or boiled. The vegetables they ate were mainly peas and beans. There were no potatoes because these didn't come to Britain until hundreds of years later when they were brought back from America. Often food was cooked in one large pot over the fire, so there would have been soups or stews to eat from the bowls.

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