Beowulf for beginners

The Messenger

then Wiglaf sent one of the warriors who had been hiding in the woods to tell the Geatish people what had happened. When this Messenger gave them the news, people cried many tears for the lord who had treated them so well. The Messenger said:

The Messenger with the bad news 'When our enemies hear our lord is dead and that only one man among the Geats dared to defend him, they will soon attack us. The Franks and the Frisians would like to finish the war that Hygelac started. The Swedes are only waiting for a chance to trouble us again. Beowulf was too strong for them, and so we had peace for many years. Now it will be different. Mothers and fathers will weep again for their dead children. The black raven, the wolf and the eagle will find a feast on the battlefield. The Geats will be a people wandering without a homeland once our enemies come in upon us.'

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