Beowulf for beginners

The Dragon's Hoard

it came about when Hygelac lay dead, and his son Heardred also, killed by a battle-sword in spite of his shield, that Beowulf became lord of the land of the Geats. For fifty years he ruled it well. Wise and white-haired he watched over his people. But trouble was not far away.

There's gold in the distance!Over and over the breakers roll in and beat on the beach. On the grassy ground on top of the cliff stands a barrow, a hill built by people long ago for burying their great lord. The way in is hidden and narrow, but inside is a room heaped high with treasure. A dragon guards this hoard of gold. His scaly coils sprawl in the pile of precious things. There are rings and bracelets, gold plates and goblets, silver coins and helmets, and sword-hilts studded with jewels. In the dark underground the glow of the gold makes a strange light that glints in the dragon's scales

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How do you think the treasure got there in the first place?