Beowulf for beginners

Grendel's Mother Attacks

darkness comes. Lord Hrothgar and Wealtheow went a while ago to their bed, but many warriors want to sleep again in the hall as they used to do. They move the mead-benches and put down bedding. They place their shields at their heads and weapons near at hand. It is no use. One man will pay with his life for that night's rest. Grendel's Mother

For Grendel's mother comes from the moors, sobbing for her son. She is savage with sorrow. She will get revenge. She dashes through the door, screeching when she sees her son's arm hanging there. The soldiers leap up, grabbing their swords. Now they have seen her, she must get out fast. She snatches a man swiftly and runs from the hall. It is Æschere, Lord Hrothgar's most loved man. Heorot is full of shouts and screams. Blood spatters the floor, but she is gone, and Grendel's hand has gone with her.

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