Beowulf for beginners

Hrothgar's Hall

Scyld Scefing's sons and grandsons ruled after him, until Hrothgar, his grandson's child, grew to be a man and gained glory in battle. He became leader of the Danish people. Friends and family gathered around him and the band of his followers grew bigger than ever.mead-hall

Then it came into his mind to build a great mead-hall, mightier than any ever heard of on earth. There he could share with his people, the young and the old, the gifts God had given him.

Craftsmen came from far and wide from many tribes to work on the hall, and before long it was finished. Hrothgar named the hall Heorot, and there, as he had promised, he held feasts for his people, gave out gold rings and other gifts. Poets sang to the sound of the harp. The hall-roof was high over the heads of the feasters. Heorot's pointed roof rose far into the sky.

What do you think Heorot might have looked like?