Celtic & Anglo-Saxon Studies is available as a single-honours M.A. or as part of a joint-M.A. degree with another subject, e.g. History, Archaeology, English, Linguistics, Scottish Gaelic or another modern language. (This programme, by teaching the languages, literatures and cultures of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon worlds, replaces the previous Celtic Studies and Celtic Civilisation programmes.)

Aberdeen is one of the very few universities in Europe where it is possible for a student to study the Celts, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in comparison. Our modules cover literature, culture, history and languages. The emphasis is on the Dark Ages and Middle Ages, but looking back to ancient times and forward to the modern period as well. No prior knowledge is expected. Students can choose their own pathway based on a wide range of available modules, depending on their particular areas of interest. At Honours level (3 and 4) each academic year, a minimum of two special subject modules in literature, history or practical skills will be taught, depending on staff availability and student interest. This is in addition to the honours language teaching.

Click here for a list of all the modules we offer at levels 1 to 4.

Not all these modules are available at the same time. For details of which individual modules are available in the current academic year, please consult the university’s Catalogue of Courses.