Postgraduate Taught

Postgraduate Taught

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MLitt in Creative Writing

MLitt Creative Writing allows you to develop your creativity and literary skills in a constructive environment which guides you towards publication of your own work.

MLitt in English Literary Studies

Literature in English is written and read all around the world. The MLitt English Literary Studies is an advanced programme which explores the theory and criticism of a range of literary periods and national literatures. This flexible programme offers a choice of modules and training in research skills.

MLitt in Ethnology and Folklore

MLitt Ethnology and Folklore is unique in the UK. It develops a broad understanding of Ethnology, Folklore and Ethnomusicology, and offers introduction to material culture, custom, belief, song, music, narrative, childlore, games, sports and pastimes. The programme has an emphasis on Scottish Culture.

MLitt in Film, Visual Culture and Arts Management

Are you motivated by images or words? If you are more interested in the power of the image and its meaning, this programme is for you. Images, whether moving or still, play a central role in shaping the world around us and the lives we lead. The MLitt Film and Visual Culture develops critical skills and theoretical understanding of visual culture in its social and historical contexts, through discussion and analysis of film, photography and theoretical writing.

MLitt in Performance Studies

The MLitt in Performance Studies develops your practical skills and theoretical and historical knowledge of performance art, offering hands-on, real-life experience to prepare you for future study or work in the world of performance.

Performance continues to dominate in the visual arts, and its interdisciplinarity and openness lends itself to being utilised by artists in music, dance and theatre.

Our MLitt in performance studies offers the opportunity for you to develop your performance portfolio, from within the disciplines of either the visual arts or music while developing your fluency in the theory and history of performance.

This degree programme provides a solid foundation in contemporary music, art and theory, and practice.

MMus in Music

Develop your creative musical interests into a wide range of career options with world-class expertise and mentoring in performance, composition and musicology. If you love listening or playing music to an advanced standard, or if you have started to compose music and understand the creativity involved, this programme will enable you to set your sights high in the music and arts industries. It will also provide a solid foundation for teaching or getting involved in progression careers.

MSc in Cultural and Creative Communication

Art and culture are integral to our daily lives, and the ways in which these are experienced are continually changing. Street performances, galleries, festivals, museums, documentaries or social media: there are so many ways in which audiences can be challenged by new ideas and images. This interdisciplinary programme is designed to explore the many ways in which creative materials can be brought to public view. With training in business methods and public engagement, and with the option of a practical placement project, the MSc Cultural and Creative Communication is ideal for anyone planning to go on to a career in the cultural and creative industries, or wanting to learn more about how culture happens in the modern world.

MSc in Global Business Communication

Our MSc in Global Business Communication at the University of Aberdeen provides in-depth communications skills and knowledge across business, law, health care, politics, media and energy industries. You will learn to communicate effectively and pragmatically in situations reliant on an understanding of human behaviour, relationships, tactics, and politics to uncover powerful solutions to challenges in communication and interpretation.

MSc in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second or Other Language)

There is nothing more rewarding than teaching English as a foreign language. English is one of the main business and cultural languages worldwide, and speaking it is essential to a variety of people in countries around the world. The MSc TESOL opens the door to an exciting future in English language teaching by instilling the methods you will need to teach students with ease.

MSc in Translation Studies

If you have a flair and ear for languages, you may want to study and put your skills to good use in new situations and settings. With demand growing for qualified graduates, a Translation Studies MSc can open doors to a range of exciting international and national careers as well as self-employment options globally.

MSc in Translation and Interpreting Studies

We live and work in a world that is linguistically and culturally diverse meaning there is a demand for strong linguists with a combination of interpreting and translating skills to support the growing complexity of international communication. Master a set of marketable skills to a professional standard with this flexible programme which offers to develop your understanding and application of translation and interpreting theories and techniques as well as equips you with expertise in conference and public service interpreting.