In first year, every student in the University takes 4 courses in each semester (half-year). Your Adviser of Studies will help you to choose them, but it's important that you look in advance at the Catalogue of Courses at what's available, so that you can take time to make up your mind before seeing your Adviser.

This means that many of you will be studying in other departments in other Schools as well as ours, but we very much hope you will like what we have to offer enough to stay with us throughout your degree. But even if you only take one course with us, we hope you will find the experience memorable and challenging.

When you look through the Catalogue of Courses, all those codes might look very confusing, but in fact they're quite easy to understand.

  • Letters tell you the subject: e.g. EL for English, GM for German etc. Most Language and Linguistics courses are also presently coded as EL.
  • The first digit tells you about the level: 1006 is a first-year course, 2005 is 2nd-year etc.
  • The 2nd number tells you when the course runs: 0 means it's in the first semester, 5 means it's in the 2nd.
  • (You don't need to worry about the last 2 numbers, which simply identify one course from another.)
  • So, EL1506 is an English course, at Level 1, running in the 2nd semester.