Following the outcome of the EU Referendum held on 23 June 2016, the Principal of the University of Aberdeen, Professor Sir Ian Diamond, published the following statement:

In his message, the Principal makes clear the University’s global outlook and reach, and emphasises the vital contribution made to the University by staff and students from elsewhere in the European Union. As a School whose teaching and research have intercultural understanding, contact and exchange at their heart, we wish to add our voice to the sentiments expressed in the Principal’s message. We also register our profound concern at recent reports of xenophobic abuse directed against citizens from elsewhere in the European Union and those of migrant heritage.

We are proud to receive many students from elsewhere in the European Union each year, and look forward to doing so again this September. Many of our students benefit hugely from the opportunities afforded by the Erasmus+ mobility scheme to study at institutions across the European Union. As teachers and researchers, we collaborate extensively with European colleagues, and will be lending our vigorous support to efforts over the coming weeks and months to ensure that we are able to do so in the future. We join with colleagues across the UK in arguing that the disciplines taught in our School, and Modern Languages especially, are more important than ever in their emphasis on engagement with other societies and cultures. Our School is committed to maintaining and promoting a community which has diversity, tolerance and inclusivity at its heart.

Professor Edward Welch
Head of School
School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture