Athena Swan Bronze Award Application

The School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture is preparing to submit an application for Athena SWAN Bronze in Spring 2018.

Professor Alison Lumsden and Professor Edward Welch are the leads for the School’s Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Team, whose members consist of:

Faculty & Staff Members:

  • Mr Timothy Arnot (Human Resources)
  • Dr Timothy Baker (Senior Lecturer in English)
  • Dr Jesse Barker (Lecturer in Hispanic Studies)
  • Mrs Anna Bokedal (Lecturer in Swedish)
  • Dr Amy Bryzgel (Senior Lecturer in Film & Visual Culture)
  • Dr Jonathan Cameron (School Administrative Officer)
  • Dr Agni Connor (Lecturer in Linguistics)
  • Dr Hazel Hutchinson (Senior Lecturer in English)
  • Dr Frauke Jurgensen (Lecturer in Music)
  • Mr Christopher Knight (Office Administration)
  • Dr Julia Kotzur (Office Administration & Teaching Assistant in German)
  • Miss Barbara B. Leon (Teaching Assistant in Film & Visual Culture)
  • Professor Alison Lumsden (Chair in English)
  • Dr Frederico Luzzi (Lecturer in Philosophy)
  • Dr Marsaili MacLeod (Lecturer in Celtic and Gaelic)
  • Dr Roger Ravet (Lecturer in French)
  • Ms Salla Sigvart (Intern, Centre for Academic Development)
  • Professor Patience Shell (Chair in Hispanic Studies)
  • Professor Peter Stollery (Chair in Music)
  • Miss Rhiannon Thompson (Athena SWAN Officer, Human Resources)
  • Professor Edward Welch (Carnegie Chair of French, Head of School)

Student Members:

  • Mr Paul Wiebe Arant, PhD Candidate, English
  • Ms Federica Biano, Undergraduate Student in Film & Visual Culture
  • Mr Joshua Brown, Undergraduate Student in French & Hispanic Studies, Student School Representative
  • Ms Sarah Rimkus, PhD Candidate, Music
  • Mrs Jan Simpson, PhD Candidate, English 

For more information on the School of Language, Literature, Music and Visual Culture’s Athena SWAN initiative, please contact Professor Alison Lumsden or Professor Edward Welch.

More information on Athena SWAN at the University of Aberdeen can be found here.