Staff at SFIRC

Prof Chris Secombes - Director of the research centre

Prof Sam Martin - Primary Investigator (PI)

Prof Pieter Van West - Primary Investigator (PI)

Dr Jun Zou - Research Manager

Dr Jason Holland - Senior post-doctoral research fellow

Dr Elzbieta Krol - Senior post-doctoral research fellow

Dr Marcia Saraiva - Post doctoral research fellow

Dr Franziska Trusch - Post-doctoral research fellow

Dr Tiehui Wang - Senior post-doctoral research fellow

Dr Carola Dehler - Post-doctoral research fellow

Dr Dawn Shewring - Senior research technician


Collaborating staff at SFIRC

Prof Sandra Adams- Head of the aquatic vaccine unit at the Institute of Aquaculture University of Stirling

Dr Allan Bowman - PI at the University of Aberdeen

Dr Bertrand Collet - Senior research scientist at Marine Scotland Science

Dr Helen Dooley - PI at the University of Baltimore

Dr Hai Deng - PI at the University of Aberdeen

Dr Adam Hurlstone - PI at the University of Manchester

Dr Dan Macqueen - PI at the University of Aberdeen

Professor Quentin Sattentau - PI at Magdalen College Oxford


Students at the SFIRC

Ahmed Attaya - Prof Secombes' lab

Andrew Beggs - Dr Hai's Lab

Ottavia Benedicenti - Co-supervised by Prof Secombes & Dr Collins

Rachel Chance - Co-supervised by Pof Secombes, Dr Collins & Dr Collet

Thomas Clark - Prof Martin's lab

Marc Faber - Prof Secombes's lab

Anna Harte - Prof Secombes' lab

Rebecca Heavyside - Skretting Research Centre / Dr Alan Bowman’s lab

Yeh-Fang Hu - Prof Secombes' lab

Douglas Milne - Prof Secombes' lab

Nabilah Mohamad Ali - Prof Martin's lab

Rita Pettinello - Dr Helen Dooley’s lab

Moritz Pohl - Prof Secombes' lab 

Thitiya Summathed - Prof Secombes' lab

Kimberly Veenstra - Prof Secombes' lab

Suzie Saunders - Prof Secombes' lab