Zoe Strong: Dyslexia, the Bible, and Community

REF 2021

1st in the UK

Divinity at the University of Aberdeen was ranked 1st in the UK for overall quality of research

Zoe Strong: Dyslexia, the Bible, and Community

Dyslexic adults often experience associated mental health issues and exclusion. Despite this, conversations about the lived experience of dyslexic adults, representing 7-10% of the population, are limited. To address this knowledge gap and foster the inclusion of dyslexic adults, this research explores the experience of dyslexic Christians within faith communities, specifically looking at Bible reading practices. Approaching this through the lens of theology provides tools to explore normative frameworks of communities. Through participatory action research, this project constructs a theology of dyslexia and enables dyslexic Christians to propose theologically grounded strategies for inclusion, support and thriving, generalisable to other community settings.

You can read my preliminary research on dyslexia and the Bible here: Dyslexia and Reading the Bible (tandfonline.com)