Developing a Contextual Theology

This is a collaborative project between the Centre and Centre for Ageing and Pastoral Studies in Canberra Australia which is headed up by Professor Elizabeth Mackinlay. The project is funded by the British Academy.

There has been a lot of interesting work done exploring the role of spirituality in the lives of people with dementia. However, to date, very little reflection has been done on how theology might impact on our understanding of dementia and dementia care. In the light of the experiences of people with dementia the project will seek to challenge the ways in which we understand dementia and how we interpret and practice Scripture, theology, and tradition in the light of the experience of dementia. These challenges will be theological and conceptual; but they will also be practical. The assumption running through the project is that theory and practice are deeply intertwined. We hope that the project will initiate an ongoing conversation that will be transformative to theology and the practice of dementia care.

The project began in June 2012.