Philosophy of Religion PG/Faculty Seminar

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Philosophy of Religion PG/Faculty Seminar

This is a past event

The seminar will run as a weekly discussion of selected texts among faculty and research students within the School of Divinity, History and Philosophy.  

The theme for this session is ‘conscience’, as a locus for studying certain interrelations between biblical theology, natural religion, and the history of moral philosophy.

Readings will be made available roughly one week before each session.

Using the now familiar ‘blended format’, the sessions themselves will take place in the Divinity Library for those able to attend in person as might be allowed, and via MS Teams for all those connecting remotely. 

If you are interested in attending in person or online, please email Dr Edward Epsen at with your name and details.




Thursday, 28th January, 14h00-15h00



Wisdom of Solomon 1-10:18



Thursday, 4thth February, 14h00-15h00



Wisdom of Solomon 11:1-19:22


Thursday, 11th February, 14h00-15h00



Romans 1:1-3:31


Thursday, 18thth February, 14h00-15h00



Romans 9:1-11:36



Thursday, 4thth March, 14h00-15h00



Thomas Aquinas, excepts from ST I-II on Habits, Vice and Sin


Thursday, 11th March, 14h00-15h00



Thomas Aquinas, excerpts from ST I-II on Law and Grace



Thursday, 18th March, 14h00-15h00



Bishop Berkeley, Alciphron, Dialogues I,II, and III


Thursday, 25th March, 14h00-15h00



Bishop Butler, Preface and Sermons 1-3


Thursday, 1st

April, 14h00-15h00



Bishop Butler, Sermons 7-10


Thursday, 29th April, 14h00-15h00



Bishop Butler, Analogy of Religion, Introduction, I.1-3, II.1,4,7


Thursday, 6th May, 14h00-15h00



Cardinal Newman, An Essay in Aid of a Grammar of Assent, Ch. X


Thursday, 13th May, 14h00-15h00



Sir W.D. Ross, The Right and the Good, Chs. 1-2