The Centre has been integral in the formation and running of the following networks:

European Society for the Study of Disability and Theology (ESSDT)

The Centre is currently running the European Society for the Study of Disability and Theology. ESSTD seeks to stimulate and support theological reflection on the lives of people with disabilities and their families. It confesses that the Christian Church and its theology often have not used their valuable sources to support such people. It therefore seeks to include people with disabilities in its own activities. It believes that rigorous theological thinking has much to contribute positively to the understanding of social and cultural processes that currently shape their lives. It is particularly concerned with tendencies that target "disability" as a problem to be solved, and that approach it within the framework of liberal individualism and its obsession with consumer choice. The Society brings together people who are committed to support the increasing participation of people with disabilities in Christian communities and in society at large through their research and writing.



British Association for the Study of Spirituality (BASS)

British Association for the Study of Spirituality - A national and international organisation that brings together the disciplines around the issue of spirituality and practice.

The Objectives of the Association are:

  1. To encourage the further study of spirituality in its practice and theoretical aspects.
  2. To strengthen the teaching and learning of spirituality as an academic and professional discipline.
  3. To encourage dialogue about spirituality with different faiths, professions and interest groups.
  4. To encourage and facilitate scholarship and research in spirituality, through the development of a journal and joint collaborative research projects.
  5. To establish an international journal of the association.
  6. To hold a biennial conference.
  7. To hold at least one General Meeting of the Association in each calendar year.