Dr Federico Luzzi runs the established Philosophy with Children CPD teacher training course for primary and secondary school teachers interested in understanding how discussion of philosophical questions can be usefully integrated in their teaching curriculum. This course, which runs biannually, has trained 94 teachers since its launch in Nov 2012.

Feedback from teachers who took this course:                   

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the day.  Relevant with practical advice and guidelines that can be taken back to school and implemented.’


‘A thoroughly enjoyable and productive in-service, great to be surrounded by positivity.’                                            

‘I thought the whole day was incredibly informative and helpful and can see this really working well with my class.  I feel that this approach will hugely benefit them across the curriculum.’                           

  ‘Thank you for a most informative and practical CPD. A session that inspired and sparked thoughts – very keen to start using and enabling children to be thinkers!’

‘Outstanding in-service day.’


‘Thought it was fantastic!’

‘I found the entire structure to be very useful and easy to follow. It was well thought out and delivered.’


‘The course was very practical and equipped us with real strategies to use in the classroom.’

‘Very interesting course. It’s the first I have thoroughly enjoyed in a long time. Didn’t look at my watch once – thank you.’


‘Great CPD event, well worth the money, lots of ideas to take back to the school.’