Centre for Knowledge and Society Seminar

Centre for Knowledge and Society Seminar

This is a past event

Åsa Wikforss, (Stockholm)

'Democracy in the Post Truth Era'

 Abstract: We are said to live in an era of Post Truth, defined as a time when objective facts are less important in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. We also live in a time where democracy is increasingly under threat, and the world is seeing a global trend towards autocratization. In the talk I will discuss the connection between truth and democracy, and consider some types of disinformation that I think pose a special danger. I will also consider the view of the ‘skeptics’, those who claim that it is a mistake to assume that democracy has much to do with truth and who worry that efforts to combat disinformation will in fact undermine democracy.

For MS Teams link to the meeting, contact Federico Luzzi: f.luzzi@abdn.ac.uk

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