Dr Lisa Collinson

Dr Lisa Collinson

Academic Engagement & Research Lead


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work +44 (0)1224 273046
The University of Aberdeen CB503, 50-52 College Bounds, Old Aberdeen
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Teaching Fellow in Scandinavian Studies, University of Aberdeen


Research Fellow for University of Aberdeen project: 'Pathways to Power: The Rise of the Early Kingdoms of the North'.

Feb-May 2013

AHRC-funded Cultural Engagement post, developing researcher-led events in University of Aberdeen May Festival.


Coordinator of Medieval Nordic Laws Project (funded by Leverhulme Trust)

PhD: Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic (University of Cambridge)


Research Interests

Medieval literary and cultural history (Scandinavia and the British Isles)

Current Research

Medieval legal literature (Scandinavia and the British Isles)


Cruel and Unusual: an intermedia, research-based performance, with Adam Cresser, Ross Whyte and Candy Hatherley (11th May 2013, Divinity Library, University of Aberdeen).

Cruel and Unusual (The Witching Hour): reworking of 2013 performance (24th April 2014, Woodend Barn)

Research Grants

'Artists, Academics and Ancient Texts Performance Workshops', AHRC Collaborative Skills Development Award (May 2014-Feb 2015).

Universities of Aberdeen, Glasgow and Newcastle, Glasgow School of Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

During these workshops, PhD candidates and early career researchers from a mixture of arts and humanities backgrounds responded creatively to ancient texts, and explored the nature of their creative responses, guided by Lisa Collinson (medievalist) and Ruth Barker (performance artist). A core workshop for nine participants washeld at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow in October 2014, and follow-up workshops with scratch performances were held in Aberdeen and Glasgow during the following weeks.


Teaching Responsibilities


HI 1526 Vikings! (co-ordinator/lecturer/tutor)

HI 1523 Renaissances and Reformations (tutor)

HI 1022 Europe in the Twentieth Century (tutor)

Access to Degree Studies: History (co-ordinator/lecturer)


CE 301Q Back in the Viking Homelands; HI 1020 Vikings! (occasional)


CE 1532 Celtic Scotland (co-ordinator/lecturer)


CU 5510 Trolls, Druids, and the Walking Dead (co-ordinator / lecturer / tutor)
CE 3085/4085 Tales of Vengeance and Enchantment: Medieval Irish Sagas (co-ordinator / lecturer / tutor)
HI 1018 Vikings! (tutor)


Tutor: Vikings; Romans, Celts, Druids, Warriors; Celtic Scotland; Renaissance and Reformations; Europe in the Twentieth Century

Further Info

Admin Responsibilities

Erasmus co-ordinator (History)

Hamlet: Media / Public Engagement (Select)

Media: BBC (Weekly World News Quiz), Guardian,The Times (Scotland), The Times of India, Politiken and Politiken (Helge)Irish Independent, Irish Times.com, CBS News.com, pravda.ru

Public Lecture: 'Who is Hamlet? or What's in a Wounded Name?' Word Festival (2011)

'A New Etymology for Hamlet? The Names Amlethus, Amloði and Admlithi', Review of English Studies (2011), 675-94


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Contributions to Journals


  • Collinson, L. (2017). 'Welsh Law in Thirteenth-Century Sweden: Women, Beasts, and Players'. Speculum, vol. 92, no. 3, pp. 755-786.
    [Online] DOI: https://doi.org/10.1086/692683
  • Collinson, LA. (2014). 'Ancient cattle mysteries: Rhynie and beyond'. Leopard Magazine, vol. Dec/Jan, pp. 59-61.
  • Collinson, LA. (2011). 'A new etymology for Hamlet? The names Admlithi, Amloði, and Amlethus'. Review of English Studies, vol. 62, no. 257, pp. 675-694.
    [Online] DOI: https://doi.org/10.1093/res/hgr008
  • Collinson, LA. (2005). 'Royal entertainment in Morkinskinna, Heimskringla, and Fagrskinna'. Mediaeval Scandinavia, vol. 15, pp. 37-49.
  • Collinson, LA. (2000). 'The Wolf Miracle in Magnúss saga lengri'. Northern Studies: the journal of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies, vol. 35, pp. 39-57.

Reviews of Books, Films and Articles

  • Collinson, L., Caldwell, D. (ed.) & Hall, MA. (ed.) (2016). 'The Lewis Chessmen: New Perspectives'. Archaeological Journal, vol. 173, no. 2, pp. 380.
    [Online] DOI: https://doi.org/10.1080/00665983.2015.1112662
  • Collinson, LA. (2015). 'Review of Peter Fjågesund, The Dream of the North: A Cultural History to 1920 (Amsterdam, 2014)'. Northern Studies: the journal of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies, vol. 47 (2015), pp. 153-155.
  • Collinson, LA. (2012). 'Review of Katherine Holman, The Northern Conquest (Oxford, 2007)'. Northern Studies: the journal of the Scottish Society for Northern Studies, vol. 43, pp. 137-40.

Chapters in Books, Reports and Conference Proceedings


  • Collinson, LA. (2016). Medieval Nordic sources: a short artists' guide. in AI Vermehren (ed.), True North: From Documentation to Re-Writing History. Timespan/Helmsdale Heritage and Arts Society, Helmsdale, pp. 20-23, True North 2015, United Kingdom, 5/03/15.
  • Collinson, LA. (2016). Five minutes: a methodology. in AI Vermehren (ed.), True North: From Documentation to Re-Writing History. Timespan/Helmsdale Heritage and Arts Society, Helmsdale, pp. 56-58, True North 2015, United Kingdom, 5/03/15.
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