Core members

Frost, Professor Robert I. (Director)
Burnett Fletcher Chair in History

Research interests:
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; history of the union between Poland and Lithuania
The political and military history of North-east Europe and the Baltic

Heywood, Prof Anthony J
Professor of Modern European History

Research interests:
Russia in the late imperial and early Soviet periods, and especially
(1) Russian and Soviet foreign trade during 1914–25;
(2) the development and operation of the public railway system

Friedrich, Prof Karin
Professor of Early Modern History

Research interests:
Poland-Lithuania and the German–Polish borderlands in the early modern period
Early modern identities
Religious and urban history
History of political ideas

Bryzgel, Dr Amy
Lecturer in Art History

Research interests:
Contemporary art from Eastern Europe and Russia from the second half of the 20th century.

Dukes, Emeritus Professor Paul, FRSE
Emeritus Professor of Russian History

Research interests:
The Diary of Patrick Gordon, 1635–1699
History of the Ural region.

Associate Members

Professor Chester Dunning
Texas A & M University

Research Interests: The Time of Troubles and the First False Dmitrii; Milton and Russia.
Professor Dunning held a Fulbright Visiting Professorship in ACREEH and the Centre for Early Modern Studies, January–July 2012.

Dr Christoph Witzenrath
University of Greifswald; Honorary Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen.


Jenny Grieve-Laing
Research Project: The Zemgor Refugee Relief Organisation in Inter-war Europe.

Mindaugas Šapoka
Research Project: The genesis of the 1715 Vilnius Confederation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1710–1715.

Hanna Mazheika
Research Project: ‘From Text to Network: Confessional Contacts and Migration between Early Modern Britain and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.’

Olli Bäckström
Research Project: ‘The Army in the Woods: Sweden and Irregular Warfare against Denmark, 1643–1660.’

Jasmina Zaloznik
Research Project: Performance Art in Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria 

Anna GrudziƄska
Research Project: Nationality and Citizenship in modern Poland.

Rose Luminello
Research Project: Catholicism, Conflict, and the Nationalist Challenge: the Catholic Church and Nationalist Movements in Ireland and Poland 1880–1921