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Members of the Centre include faculty at the University of Aberdeen, associate members, and postgraduate students who are conducting research in subject areas which fall under the Centre's expertise.

Professor Robert Frost (Director)

Burnett Fletcher Chair in History

Research interests:
The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; history of the union between Poland and Lithuania
The political and military history of North-east Europe and the Baltic

Professor Anthony Heywood (Core Member)

Professor of Modern European History

Research interests:
Russia in the late imperial and early Soviet periods, and especially
(1) Russian and Soviet foreign trade during 1914–25;
(2) the development and operation of the public railway system

Professor Karin Friedrich (Core Member)

Professor of Early Modern History

Research interests:
Poland-Lithuania and the German–Polish borderlands in the early modern period
Early modern identities
Religious and urban history
History of political ideas

Dr Amy Bryzgel (Core Member)

Senior Lecturer, Film & Visual Culture

Research interests:
Contemporary art from Eastern Europe and Russia from the second half of the 20th century.

Emeritus Professor Paul Dukes (Core Member)

Emeritus Professor of Russian History

Research interests:
The Diary of Patrick Gordon, 1635–1699
History of the Ural region.

Professor Chester Dunning (Associate Member)

Texas A & M University

Research Interests:
The Time of Troubles and the First False Dmitrii; Milton and Russia.
Professor Dunning held a Fulbright Visiting Professorship in ACREEH and the Centre for Early Modern Studies, January–July 2012.

Dr Christoph Witzenrath (Associate Member)

University of Greifswald

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen

Postgraduate Members

Jenny Grieve-Laing
Research Project: The Zemgor Refugee Relief Organisation in Inter-war Europe.

Mindaugas Šapoka
Research Project: The genesis of the 1715 Vilnius Confederation of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1710–1715.

Hanna Mazheika
Research Project: ‘From Text to Network: Confessional Contacts and Migration between Early Modern Britain and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.’

Olli Bäckström
Research Project: ‘The Army in the Woods: Sweden and Irregular Warfare against Denmark, 1643–1660.’

Jasmina Zaloznik
Research Project: Performance Art in Slovenia, Serbia and Bulgaria 

Anna Grudzińska
Research Project: Nationality and Citizenship in modern Poland.

Rose Luminello
Research Project: Catholicism, Conflict, and the Nationalist Challenge: the Catholic Church and Nationalist Movements in Ireland and Poland 1880–1921