Scotland has many paintings by followers of Caravaggio in museums such as the National Gallery of Scotland, the Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery, the Perth Museum and Art Gallery and the McManus Gallery, Dundee which, together with works in private collections, can form a first port of call for research students in this field. But the Scottish galleries also have exceptional holdings of seventeenth-century art in general, and research students wishing to pursue other aspects of seventeenth-century art in Italy (including by foreign artists such as Poussin) are also welcome.

Italian Baroque Painting in Aberdeen

John Gash’s research on Caravaggio (1571-1610) and his followers has recently been highlighted in a series of exhibitions in London, Rome, Nancy, and Valletta. In addition to two books on Caravaggio, he has produced important articles and book chapters not only on Caravaggio but on his followers, both in Italy itself and in the Netherlands and France. He is also a regular reviewer of exhibitions and books for The Burlington Magazine.


We are interested in hearing from students wishing to undertake postgraduate level work in Italian Baroque Painting at the doctoral level. Please contact one of the supervisors below if you are thinking about applying for a PhD in their subject area.

Mr John Gash: Supervision is offered in all aspects of painting in Italy c.1580 -1700, from the Carracci to Carlo Maratti; the revolutionary art of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610) and the many artists from all over Europe who were inspired by him in the first half of the seventeenth century. With a focus on issues of style, patronage, technique and attribution; all aspects of painting in France and the Southern Netherlands (now Belgium) during the seventeenth century; all aspects of painting and sculpture in Malta during the rule of the Knights of Saint John (1530-1798).

PGR Students

Some current (and graduated) History of Art students and their projects from the University of Aberdeen include:

  • Aaron Thom, Caravaggism in Rome and Naples: case studies in connoisseurship

The following are some selected publications relating to Italian Baroque Painting (and other topics) by staff at the University of Aberdeen:

Mr John Gash

  • 'Bartolomeo Manfredi's 'St. John the Baptist' and its Mezzotint'. Print Quarterly, vol XXXIII, no. 1, pp. 11-18.
  • 'Counter-Reformation Countenances: Catholic Art and attitude from Caravaggio to Rubens'. Studies: An Irish Quarterly Review, vol 104, no. 416, pp. 373-387.
  • 'Spadarino's "Doubting Thomas" rediscovered'. The Burlington Magazine, vol CLVII, no. 1351, pp. 678-681.     
  • 'Anglo-Italian cultural relations before and during the long Eighteenth Century'. Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol 33, no. 2, pp. 141-144.    
  • Caravaggio. Chaucer Press, London.

Some helpful links for further information and resources in Italian Baroque Painting (and other topics) include: