George Washington Wilson Centre

Envisioning Women's Places

Women and Early Photography Symposium, 1 June 2022


We were delighted to welcome Professor Elizabeth Edwards, author of Photographs and the Practice of History (London: Bloomsbury, 2022) as keynote speaker at this event.

We are grateful for the generous support of the British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grants programme for this project, which funding derives from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.


Dr Áine Larkin
Lecturer in French
National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Dr Heidi Brevik-Zender
Associate Professor of French and Comparative Literature
University of California, Riverside

Women and Early Photography Symposium - Wednesday 1 June 2022, 3:45pm - 7:30pm

3:45-4pm Settling-in and opening remarks, with all participants together

4pm Beginning of the Two parallel sessions

4pm to 5.10pm Panel One
Dr Heidi Brevik-Zender (Chair of Room 1)

Anne Maxwell
University of Melbourne, Australia
‘Elizabeth Pulman (1836-1900) New Zealand’

Anna Dempsey
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
‘Women Photographers and Explorers: The Colonizing of the American Landscape and its Indigenous Peoples at the turn of the Twentieth Century’

Karen Hellman and Antares Wells
J. Paul Getty Museum, USA
‘Ongoing Research into Early Women Photographers in the Getty Museum’s Collection’

Kate Fogle
Library of Congress, USA
‘Picturing Partnership: Re-envisioning Occupational Relationships in the Realm of Early Women’s Commercial Photography’

Nicole Hudgins
University of Baltimore, USA
‘If They Were There, Why Aren’t They There? Reflections on the Remarkable Women of Photography’s Origins and Their Invisibility in the Primary and Scholarly Sources’

Sigrid Lien and Mette Sandbye
University of Bergen, Norway and University of Copenhagen, Denmark
‘Striving for Independence: Women Pioneers in Nordic Studio Culture’ 

4pm to 5.10pm Panel Two
Dr Áine Larkin (Chair of Room 2)

Anne O’Hehir
National Gallery of Australia, Australia
‘Who and What We Saw: Two Photocollaged Victorian Albums in the Collection of the National Gallery of Australia’

Ashleigh Black
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
‘A World in Blue: Anna Atkin’s Cyanotypes’

Maria João Brito
NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal
‘Capturing the Universe, Under a Victorian Canopy of Stars - Pioneering Women in American and British Astrophotography: Maria Mitchell (1818-1889) and Thereza Dillwyn Llewelyn (1834-1926)’

Rachel Hutcheson
Columbia University, USA
‘Leaving the Shadow Behind: Autochrome Portraits and Diascope Viewing’

Caroline M. Riley
University of California, Davis, and Library of Congress, USA
‘The Relationship Between Thérèse Bonney’s Self-Fashioning and Her Photographic Collection’

Isabelle Lynch
University of Pennsylvania, USA
‘Still Performing: Adah Isaacs Menken Posing Between Stage Performance and Theatrical Photography’

5:10-5:15pm Break

​5:15-6:25pm Panel Three
Dr Heidi Brevik-Zender (Chair of Room 1)

Erika Lederman
De Montfort University, England
‘The Negative is the Narrative’

Alix Choinet
Cornell University, USA
‘Problematizing the Feminine Gaze: The Ambivalence of Geneviève Disdéri’s Prints’

Rose Teanby
De Montfort University, England
‘Through a Woman’s Eyes: A Photographic Tour of Britain by Catharine Weed Barnes Ward’

Carine Chelhot Lemyre
University of St Andrews, Scotland
‘Behind the Scenes: The Case of Marie Lydie Cabanis Bonfils and Other Women Photographers in the Middle East’

Marianne Fossaluzza
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
‘“With kindest regards to Miss Hornel”: Elizabeth Hornel’s Role in Her Brother’s Photographic Practice’

Emma Raymond
University of Aberdeen, Scotland
‘Envisioning Women’s Places Online: Curation of a Digital Exhibition’

5:15-6:25pm Panel Four
Dr Áine Larkin (Chair of Room 2)

Rachel Bullough Ainscough
Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain
‘Jane Clifford: From Ballooning Companion to Keen Businesswoman’

Marta López Beriso
Ortega-Marañon Foundation and University of San Diego, Spain
‘Alejandrina Alba (1837-1910): From ‘Great Whore’ to Photographer Between Two Husbands’

Alina Hofmann
University of Bonn, Germany
‘Fatima Miris nella Geisha: On Gender Performance and Humour on the Late Victorian Stage’

Kaeun Park 
University of Michigan, USA
‘World in Pictures: Anna Caulfield McKnight’s Lantern Slide Lectures in Early 20th-Century America’

Rachel McBride Lindsey
Saint Louis University, USA
‘The World that Maggie Built: Margaret Bourke-White and the Birth of Modern American Citizenship’

Sophie Lynch
University of Chicago, USA
‘Indefinite Images: Motion Blurs in Ilse Bing’s Interwar Dance Photographs (1931)’

Graeme Roger
wildbird – visual art/theatre/film, Scotland
‘Envisioning Women's Places in the Nineteenth Century - video design’

6:25-6:30pm Break

6:30-7:30pm Keynote address from Professor Emeritus Elizabeth Edwards, De Montford University, followed by Q&A and general discussion

7:30pm Closing remarks and the end of symposium