7th Annual Philosophy Public Lecture

7th Annual Philosophy Public Lecture

Centre for Knowledge and Society
University of Aberdeen, Scotland

This year’s Public Lecture will be delivered by Prof David Papineau (Kings College London). on Thursday June 14th at the Belmont Filmhouse (49 Belmont St). The Lecture will be followed by a screening of the film ‘The Magnificent Seven’ (1960).

‘Team Reasoning’, Prof David Papineau

Margaret Thatcher said 'There is no such thing as society, only individuals’. Most economists and biologist agree, and as a result find much cooperative human behaviour puzzling. But in truth humans often operate as teams, not individuals, and succeed precisely because of this. Sporting success is the most obvious example, but the moral is a general one.


Lecture: 6pm-7.15pm

Film screening: 7.25pm-9.30pm.

Booking information

The event (lecture + film) is FREE but ticketed. Tickets can be booked via the Belmont Filmhouse website (www.belmontfilmhouse.com), by phone (01224 343 500) or by visiting the Filmhouse ticket desk (49 Belmont St).

This event is sponsored by the Royal Institute of Philosophy and the Centre for Knowledge and Society.

Belmont Filmhouse (49 Belmont St)