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Professor Davidson held Personal Chairs in Systematic and Historical Theology at the University of Otago and the University of St Andrews, where he was also previously Dean of the Faculty and Head of the School of Divinity and Principal of St Mary's College.

He is a graduate in Classics from the University of Glasgow (starred First Class Honours, Logan Prize for most distinguished graduate in Arts; Ramsay, Cowan, Scott-Macfarlan, Jeffrey Medals; Kenmure and Coulter Prizes; Scott Scholarship) and in Theology from the University of Edinburgh (Distinction in Systematic Theology); he graduated PhD at Glasgow in 1992. He has held visiting fellowships in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia, and is a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton.

Professor Davidson has taught and supervised extensively in Christian doctrine and in patristic theology and history. He has published widely in patristics, particularly in Latin or Western traditions, including the definitive critical edition of the first 'systematic' treatise on Christian ethics, the De Officiis of Ambrose of Milan (2 vols, Oxford University Press, 2002), and two widely-used volumes on early church history. He is currently completing an historical and theological study of 'Arianism' for Cambridge University Press and editing The Cambridge Handbook of Early Christian Theology. In systematic theology, he has written primarily on Christology, soteriology and the doctrine of God. He has a book on salvation due to appear with Bloomsbury T & T Clark in 2017; his other current projects include the completion of a major 2-volume study on Christology and ethics, and a textbook on Christian doctrine. He is contracted to produce a volume on eschatology for Zondervan Academic's New Studies in Dogmatics (2019). He is a founding series editor of Bloomsbury T & T Clark's Studies in Systematic Theology monographs series.

A few representative/recent papers:

'Theologizing the Human Jesus: An Ancient (and Modern) Approach to Christology Reassessed', International Journal of Systematic Theology 3 (2001), 129-53

'"Not my will but yours be done": The Ontological Dynamics of Incarnational Intention', International Journal of Systematic Theology 7 (2005), 178-204

'Pondering the Sinlessness of Jesus Christ: Moral Christologies and the Witness of Scripture', International Journal of Systematic Theology 10 (2008), 372-98

'Salvation's Destiny: Heirs of God', in Ivor J. Davidson & Murray A. Rae (eds), God of Salvation: Soteriology in Theological Perspective (Ashgate/Routledge, 2011), 155-75

'Divine Light: Some Reflections after Barth', in Myk Habets & Phillip Tolliday (eds), Trinitarian Theology after Barth (Princeton Theological Monographs, Pickwick, 2011), 48-69

'Gospel Holiness: Some Dogmatic Reflections' in Kelly M. Kapic (ed), Sanctification: Explorations in Theology and Practice (IVP Academic, 2014), 189-211

'The Crucified One' in R. David Nelson (ed), Indicative of Grace - Imperative of Freedom: Essays in Honour of Eberhard Juengel in his 80th Year (Bloomsbury T & T Clark, 2014, pbk 2016), 29-49

'Church Growth in the Early Church', in David Goodhew (ed), Towards a Theology of Church Growth (Ashgate/Routledge, 2015), 145-68

'Divine Sufficiency: Theology in the Presence of God', in R. David Nelson, Darren Sarisky & Justin Stratis (eds), Theological Theology: Essays in Honour of John Webster (Bloomsbury T & T Clark 2015), 55-74

'Christian Ethics: The Reception of Cicero in Ambrose's De Officiis', in Richard Fletcher and W.H. Shearin (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Roman Philosophy (OUP, in press 2016)

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'The Person of Christ', in Michael M. Allen & Scott Swain (eds), The Oxford Handbook of Reformed Theology (OUP, in press 2016)

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'Later Theologians of the West', in Philip F. Esler (ed), The Early Christian World (2nd edn, Taylor & Francis, in press 2016)


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