Find out more about the Divinity courses available for Academic Session 2021-2022.

Levels 1 and 2

Semester 1

DR1038/DR201M: Rise of Christianity

DR102H/DR202H: Why Believe? Thinking about God and the Good

DR102G/DR202G: Utopia and Apocalypse – Dreaming the Perfect World in Science and Religion

DR101B/DR201B: Religions of Ancient Greece and Beyond

DR1042: Hebrew Language I

DR1039: Ancient Greek Language I

LT1009: Latin I

Semester 2

DR152N/DR252N: Literature and Society in Ancient Israel

DR1547/DR251N: Introduction to Christian Theology

DR1573/DR251Q: Exploring the New Testament

DR151Q/DR251Y: Atheism and Atheisms

DR152M/DR252M: Saints, Demons and the Desert

DR152C/DR252C: Magic, Mysteries, Spells and Potions

DR1536: Hebrew Language II

DR1538: Ancient Greek Language II

LT1507: Latin II

DR152F/DR252F: The Bible in Art, Literature and Music

DR153F: Ancient World and Modern Reception: Living in the Past

Levels 3 and 4

Semester 1

DR302C/ DR402C: Encounters with Great Theologians

AH3003/AH4003: Materialising Faith

DR302D/ DR402D: Reformation, Reason and Revolt

DR303G/DR403G: Theology in a Divided World – Conflict Peace and Transformation

DR4044: Dissertation

Semester 2

DR353B/DR433B: God and Salvation in the Gospel and Acts

DR352X/DR452X: Ancient Animals in the Ancient World and Beyond

DR353F/DR453F: “May you always be intoxicated with her love”: 

Wisdom and the good life in the Hebrew Bible and beyond

RS3521/DR4554: Myth

DR4544: Dissertation