Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen has developed a unique perspective which brings together practical theology and combines it creatively with moral theology and Christian social ethics in a way that is academically rigorous and practically transformative. We believe that theology should make a difference to church, society and the academy.

Our discipline therefore begins and ends with inquiries focused on practices. The ground for this focus on practise is an understanding of faith as a lived entity. Our task is to think through faith not as ‘mere belief’ but as lived, purposeful and transformative. Thus the primary reference of our theologising is the lived life in all its contemporary forms. This contrasts with biblical studies' focus on texts, systematics' focus on doctrines, church history's focus on the history of the community of faith, but relies on these forms of inquiry in understanding what it means for faith to be lived.

Studying Practical Theology at the University of Aberdeen is therefore creatively and rigorously interdisciplinary and deeply theological. All postgraduate students in Practical Theology are members of a flourishing research community which provides an opportunity for students to interact with one another and with highly regarded scholars from across the theological disciplines.

The entry date for the PhD in Practical Theology is fixed for September.

Research supervision in Practical Theology is offered in the following areas: